Personal and Project Dashboards
Personal dashboard - current tasks and urgencies
Personal and project dashboards for easy and intuitive perception of the current tasks and urgencies. Structures knowledge-worker attention and minimizes interruptions.
  • 1) Get a bird-view on all activities where you are involved, see who changed what and when
  • 2) See your nearest milestones
  • 3) Check team members status and mood
  • 4) Easily access detailed project-specific dashboards
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Project Team
effectively manage project team
Effectively manage your project team. Add new project participants, manage roles, invite new members.
  • 1) Set roles of your team members, define access rights, check status and see the latest tasks assigned.
  • 2) Invite people from popular networks: Facebook, Gmail, Salesforce, Yahoo... We add more systems with every new release.
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To-Do Lists
Manage your time more effectively preparing to-do lists
Whenever you need to prepare a list of things to be done, assign them to people and track if they are done, the to-do list is a right tool.
  • 1) Specify as many to-do lists as you need to track your activities, completed lists are archived and not listed on the screen.
  • 2) Assign to-dos to team members, easily notice your to-dos, mark their completeness
  • 3) Add comments and discuss to-do items with your team
  • 4) Link to-do lists with Milestones
  • 5) Easy access to already completed to-do lists
More info on to-do lists

Track important deadlines more effectively with milestones
Manage by milestones, assign dates and responsibility to keep track on time and expectations
  • 1) See the list of upcoming and overdue milestones, easily add new and edit existent milestones
  • 2) Check the nearest list of milestones in extended calendar view
  • 3) 3-month view on all your milestones to easy access all of them
  • 4) 1-click access to due to-do lists
More info on milestones

Case (also Tickets, Issues)
Tracking projects with ease using cases, tickets, issues
See entire task details at hand, entire communication thread, notifications, explicit Flag-keeper who works on the task.
  • 1) See the entire history of communication on the task or issue
  • 2) Define specific properties, provide more information about case (NEW: add new fields, customize dropdowns!)
  • 3) Always know who is responsible for the task
  • 4) See all related information - wiki pages, other cases, to-do lists, and other information
More about Case/Issue Management

Cases List with Custom Views
Easy information management with customizable case list views
Advanced filter and easy-to-use lists. Define your own lists for easy cases management.
  • 1) Easily manage a lot of cases, make group/mass operations
  • 2) Define and customize list views on cases for easy information management
  • 3) customize columns, see information on different predefined view types (table, cards, etc)
More about custom views
Easy information management with customizable case list views

Wiki Pages
Manage information with ease using wiki pages
Versioned Wiki pages, visibility, permissions and simple wiki markup.
  • 1) Create any number of rich-style documents in WYSIWYG mode or directly in wiki-formatting
  • 2) Discuss the content of the page among the team
  • 3) See all related information - wiki pages, other cases, to-do lists, and other information
  • 4) Versions - revert changes, see what was changed, by whom, etc.
  • 5) Tags (Categories) - tag, group your pages and use clouds for fast search of similar documents
More info on wiki

Project Blog
Share and communicate information using project blogs
Blog encourages informal and unstructured communications in your team.
  • 1) Share knowledge with the project team
  • 2) Encourage effective communication between team members
  • 3) Keep all stakeholders informed on the latest project news
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Share project files and use SVN versioned storage
Stores all your files in one repository under SVN versioned storage.
  • 1) Organize your files in tree-like structure
  • 2) Support for versions, provide comments, see who made changes
  • 3) Easy and fast upload of files, save time with drag & drop upload
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Gantt View and Microsoft Project Integration
Gantt charts and Microsoft Project synchronization
Achieve better visibility on your project schedule with this view. Import your plans from MS Project and synchronize your changes with offline tools.
  • 1) Review your work breakdown structure, hide/open sections if required
  • 2) See Gantt chart updated in real-time, review dependencies, milestones, tasks completion progress
  • 3) Import your project plans from Microsoft Project and immediately see them in Comindwork. Export back to update data in MS Project
  • 4) Use common tools to navigate your schedule easily, limit view for only 1 person, zoom in/out, show assigned to-do lists directly on Gantt chart
More about MS Project synchronization

Time tracking made easy
Effective time tracking in projects, ability to link tracked time per task and reporting
  • 1) Track time spent on project activities
  • 2) Quickly add a timelog record from your task screen
  • 3) Tracking project expenses is much easier when using timelogging feature
Time tracking within Cases/Issues
Manage project time and expenses effectively

Time tracking made easy
Easily search pages, tasks, tags, milestones in one project or across all projects
  • 1) Quickly find required information
  • 2) Search by image name and show preview thumbnail in search results
  • 3) All files are indexed and searched
  • 4) All your corporate data is at your fingertips with fast file search

Project reports
Wide range of reports providing the snapshot of the project status and its progress over time
  • 1) Get the reports you need, when you need it
  • 2) Bird view on current state of the project
  • 3) Create your own custom reports
Create custom reports

Project Settings
Define project Settings
You may define project settings according to your project need. You can run "open to public" project which are accessible for people who don't have login to your Comindwork site.
  • 1) Control your project settings according to your needs, check a more detailed tour on project settings
Team and project permissions

Project History
Track project activities with the help of project history
Comindwork keeps the track of all the activities performed across all your projects. You may review any action done by any user in the past starting from your account creation. It is possible to filter and sort activities.
  • 1) Stay on top of all the activities across your projects
  • 2) Stay on top of the project information by subscribing to the RSS feed
  • 3) Analyze and forecast using real time project data
Project history via RSS

Associations and Categories
Associations and Categories
All items are cross-linked and links are traceable. Assign categories to pages and cases not to get lost in data.
  • 1) More organized knowledge thanks to cross linking
  • 2) Easy and quick information access
  • 3) Increased user friendliness and more effective navigation
Using Wiki tags

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