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PAEI management roles are shaped from the prototypical personality styles which are intentionally simplified. Each role explains a dominant style, which exists in theory, while most of managers have unbalanced mix of all four styles:
  1. Producer is usually very busy most of the time, demonstrating high energy and focused on getting real results and fast. Producer dislikes far future tasks or abstract explanations of what should be achieved.
  2. Administrator is concerned about the process of achieving the goal, will not act until he understands how something is going to be achieved. Administrator hates uncertainty and you will hardly see his improvisation.
  3. Entrepreneur is a wild dreamer wanting some great results later in the future, rather than a concrete result right today. He will often prefer bigger potential results in the far future rather than particular result for tomorrow. Entrepreneur gets easily excited by some new technologies or new ways of work.
  4. Integrator is a great organizer and team-builder in the company, he will happily manage interpersonal conflicts, improve relationships between internal and external team members.
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