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Managerial leadership roles (or competing values framework) describes the patterns which productive organization share. It defines 2 main dimensions:
  1. The focus of the organization: internal vs external
  2. Preferred structure: flexibility vs control
These 2 dimensions create a grid of 4 quadrants which is the explanation of the competing values inside the organization. Inside each quadrants there are 2 roles with total 8 roles which should be possible to perform by really effective manager:
  1. Human relations model: internal & flexible
    1. Facilitator - teamwork-enabler, conflict-solver
    2. Mentor - educate and train people with care and understanding
  2. Open systems model: external & flexible
    1. Innovator - creates change and promotes adoption of new things and processes
    2. Broker - powerful authority maintaining relations with external stakeholders and involve external resources
  3. Internal process model: internal & control
    1. Producer - concerned with the productivity and focused on results
    2. Director - plans and assigns targets, keep the tasks and goals consistent and clear
  4. Rational goals model: external & control
    1. Coordinator - the organizer of the work structure, schedules and clear mutual commitments
    2. Monitor - keeps an eye on the individual and organizational performance
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