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According to Daniel Goleman managers work within a mix of six styles. Every style consists of specific methods and is ideally applicable only in certain situations:
  1. Commanding - demands immediate compliance ("Do what I tell you"). To use: in a crisis, to kick start a turnaround, or with problem employees.
  2. Visionary - mobilizes people toward a vision ("Come with me"). To use: when changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed.
  3. Affiliative - creates harmony and builds emotional bonds ("People come first"). To use: to heal rifts in a team or to motivate people during stressful circumstances.
  4. Democratic - forges consensus through participation ("What do you think?"). To use: to build buy-in or consensus, or to get input from valuable employees.
  5. Pacesetting - sets high standards for performance ("Do as I do, now"). To use: To get quick results form a highly motivated and competent team.
  6. Coaching - develops people for the future ("Try this"). To use: to help an employee improve performance or develop long-term strengths.
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