Manage Projects in Gmail and Drive

Moved to Google Apps cloud apps to collaborate with team? Greetings - that's excellent choice to stop unnecessary IT expense and troubles.

Try to install Comindwork to your Google Apps and you'll go far beyond basic apps like emails or meetings. With Comindwork productivity platform you'll be able to track projects, sales leads, time & expense reports and much more.

All Comindwork tools work tightly integrated and they are fully customizable. You also get fine-grained permissions for your records, ability to share workspace for client and work with tasks across all your active projects.

You can now assign, resolve and edit tasks without leaving Gmail.

Assign, Resolve and Edit Tasks without Leaving Gmail

Single sign-on

Comindwork integrates with Google Apps authentication to allow your existing Google Apps users to access their workspaces in Comindwork. They can login with single click available in the Gmail menu. No special web-address or password required.
You can continue managing your Google Apps users in Google admin panel. Comindwork will automatically add new users or disable deleted ones. Of course you can always invite guest users by just typing their emails.

Create tasks from emails

Many knowledge workers rely on email to communicate and track the status of their tasks and projects. When your inbox becomes cluttered - it is time to structure your communication into tasks and workflows.
With Comindwork contextual gadget for Gmail, you can quickly create tasks, tickets, requests or any other records in a structured manner. Just select the workspace to put the content of the email and the shape you want for it (task, blog or any other app you have).

Immediately see related Comindwork tasks under messages in Gmail

If you created the task from the particular email - you'll always see it under the message in Gmail. Gmail contextual gadget will show all the relevant information related to the message you see in Gmail. You'll see the linked tasks, tickets, information about the lead etc. When you get task notifications - you'll be able to open, edit its details, resolve or accept without leaving Gmail.

Easy copy attachments to tasks & apps

If you get many files or attachments by email, you can now easily share them in a structured manner. You can copy the attachments into relevant Comindwork workspace to be accessible by your team, instead of generating email forwarding noise. Or you can add these attachments directly to the existing tasks thus keeping all information well structured and accessible when it is needed.

Open MS Project Files or Create Projects from Google Drive

Open Microsoft Project files

Comindwork provides you with convenient way to view and import your Microsoft Project files (.mpp, .mpx, .xml) right from Google Drive. This means you can switch to Comindwork in the middle of the project. Or you can create initial plan in MS Project and then import these tasks into Comindwork for controlled project execution. The tasks titles, descriptions, durations, start/finish dates and dependencies will be viewable in Comindwork.
Alternatively you can use Comindwork to simply view Microsoft Project plans online when you don't have MS Project installed.

Create projects directly from Google Drive

Comindwork integrates with Google Drive to allow easy work with project files. You can create new projects right from Google Drive interface. You'd need to connect free Comindwork app in Google Store. After that all Microsoft Project files can be viewable with Comindwork. And you can create new projects - just click "Create" in Google Drive and then select "Comindwork Project".

Import Google Drive files to workspaces

When you need to share the documents with your team in Comindwork workspace - you can easily copy them from Google Drive. Click "Add files from Google Drive" and select the files you want to be accessible in the particular workspace. You can use quick filter - type the file title or extension - and Comindwork will show only matching files for faster selection.

Easy attach files from Drive to tasks

When you assign a new task in Comindwork, creating new invoice or any other record - you often need to attach some files. It is possible to attach the files right from your Google Drive folders. Click "Attach from Google" and select the document. Quick filter will help to find any file immediately by its extension or partial title.