Download and install Comindwork on your own server.
Manage in the way you want. Integrate with your internal software.
You can always migrate back to the Cloud edition.

Business Self-Hosted

$6,000 - 30 premium users
1st year payment, unlimited FREE users
  • Unlimited workspaces, apps & storage
  • Pay only for monthly active premium users
  • Unlimited storage
  • Business features
  • SSL encryption, standard backups
  • Free managed installation (initial setup, configuration and data migration)
  • Standard support (email, Mon-Fri, 12h)
  • Upgrades and software maintenance

Enterprise Self-Hosted

30 premium users or more
unlimited FREE users
  • Everything in Business Self-Hosted plus:
  • Enterprise features: advanced customization and permissions
  • Project & portfolio management, resource allocation, workflows, auto-scheduling, triggers, LDAP
  • Dedicated support team: email, phone

Flexible Licensing and Support

  • We can setup and configure Comindwork on your server under your control for free
  • If you are using Cloud version, we migrate your data to Self-Hosted Edition at no cost
  • Product upgrades are available when you need them
  • Purchased licenses can be renewed annually based on active monthly users count

Control Data Accessibility & Availability

  • Store your data on your servers and under your total control
  • Access your data via web browsers with SSL encryption
  • Traffic is fully controlled and monitored by you
  • Response time and availability is higher when placed into your office data-center closer to users

Comply with Your Organization Policies

  • Backups and other administrative tasks can be fully customized according to your company policies
  • Schedule maintenance and upgrades according to your internal schedule
  • Storage space can be added any time or hardware can be upgraded

Integrate Tightly

  • Your other internal software can be linked with Comindwork (MS Exchange data, OLAP server, LDAP, payroll and billing modules, etc)
  • Advanced customization is possible and any new features can be added

Comindwork Self-Hosted License FAQ

Academic and Non-profit Discounts

25% discount is granted to all qualified academic and non-profit organizations.

How You Count a Premium User?

A premium user is a user from your organization who can log into web interface and use all features. It's possible to create FREE users who are outside from your organization.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates for the corresponding software license. After the active maintenance period expires, the software will stop functioning until renewal.

How to Request Customization?

Comindwork can assist with implementation and customization of the software. If you need any custom feature development or integration with your internal modules, the custom development projects can be initiated to extend your current Comindwork Self-Hosted Edition.